Trello 121’s

ready to get organised?

Combining my 14 years of organisational experience, ability to simplify daunting and complicated tasks, and years of using Trello to transform my business into a tightly run ship – I’m now offering one on one guidance and set up to help you with your business overwhelm and keep things running like clockwork.

what is trello?

Trello is an incredibly flexible organisation tool. It’s free to use for both you and your clients.​

For the past three years I have used Trello internally to organise my workflow, to ensure that I never miss a deadline, that I’m not over or under extended, and to track projects from beginning to end.  I have also used it as a bespoke CRM system, and externally with all of my clients, as a collaborative space to work on their designs.

why do i need to use it?

Feeling overwhelmed? Finding it hard to keep track of all your work, due dates, client details and other important information. Not sure if you have enough work booked – or too much?  Trello can help you control all of these things. ​

Trello is ideal for anyone working on several projects or with multiple clients. Ideal for creative businesses, those in the wedding industry or anyone who has set up their own small independent business.  It also works fantastically for those working in admin, organising a small business or managing projects in a large business.

Trello is visual & collaborative – you can work on it independently or as part of a large team, it is incredibly malleable to however you might want you use it. I’ve helped many other people set up systems, from other wedding stationers, through to teachers and personal instructors. 

“My Trello 1-2-1 has completely turned my business around!  I struggled finding a process and a system that worked for me, which ended up in me having tons of spreadsheets open, notes written here there and everywhere, but now it’s all in one, easy to use online system”

“I use it to organize my business, and to work with clients – and they love it! Letting clients feel like they are truly part of the design process is really important to me, and using Trello is an easy, inexpensive and professional way for them to see their Wedding planning come to life.”

Why do I need you to help me?

In my former life I was a corporate PA – specialising in systems, workflows and breaking projects down into smaller parts. I can help you simplify your systems, and then build bespoke Trello boards to keep these in check, show you how to create them exactly for your needs and how to maintain them.

I can help you in two ways:

1. Feeling time poor and overwhelmed

 I know that feeling, its part and parcel of running a small business – but Trello can most certainly help with this. The problem is, where to start?  I will walk you through Trello, how best to use it to your advantage, showing you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned while using it to create a successful business.

2. Simplifying your process

Known as ‘the process queen’ – my special skill in life is taking large and complicated processes and breaking them down into its sum parts – making even the most convoluted systems easy to tackle. This is the most important detail to making Trello work for you. If you can’t simplify your process, no Trello board in the world is going to make things easy for you, and I walk you through this step by step.

 “Zoe is amazing at what she does and in our session, we went through a plan together on how to make the most out of my business and my time, and it’s worked!”

“I have finally found something that works for my clients and for me and I’ve never felt more organized!”

How does it work?

We’ll work together online, via Zoom and screen sharing – over 1.5 hours to break down your processes and create your Trello boards:

1. Homework

You’ll be set some tasks before our call so that you can start thinking about the ways that you work, both internally and with your clients. I will give you examples of how I and others work and have broken this down to help you think about this in the right way.​

2. Online meeting

We’ll start by discussing your day-to-day work, how a normal week and month look, and how you interact with clients.

3. Processes

Together we will create an internal process and a client facing process – I will turn these into easy to use workflows that we can then use to keep you organised.

4. Trello Set up

While sharing your screen, I will set up your internal and external Trello boards for you based on your workflows and processes. This allows you to see how they are set up, how to manipulate them, and where I will teach you the tips, tricks and shortcuts for your boards.  Depending on your workflow we may also set up some automations using external plugin programmes. 

5. Process Walk Through

We’ll walk through your workflow, from beginning to end so you can see how your boards will keep you and your clients organised.

Yes please! How do I book?

step one: book a slot

Choose a time that works for you using our online booking system

step two: secure your space

Cost: £150

This includes a 90 minute online meeting and creation of two Trello boards, plus any additional support needed afterwards.