Stormy wedding invitations with gold hand speckles

I love to try and demystify the how’s and why’s of stationery – mostly: “how do I get this” and “why does it cost this much”.

Today we’re going to tackle hand finishing – namely the speckle.  One of my most pinned and liked images, these hand painted gold speckled save the dates really were very special. 

gold speckled moody grey watercolour save the dates

These stormy black watercolour save the dates were printed in monochrome – with black calligraphy and text on a grey background. The gold on these was achieved by hand painting each one individually. This is labour intensive – you have to make sure the pigment is the right consistency, and that it stays where you put it – not obstructing the print.

Each Save the Date took around 10 minutes to hand paint, and this was reflected in the cost. While you’re saving on the print – as no foil is used, the hand finishing will always cost more. The result is definitely worth it though!

speckled moody grey wedding invitation

These multi colour hand painted invitations were even more labour intensive – using four different hand painted colours. These were actually produced for a shoot – as this would end up being very costly. My suggestion in this case would be to have the speckles printed as part of the design. While they lose that hand finished touch, you can always add foil or other special finishes that keep the costs a little bit lower.

black envelope with gold foil

You can see how hot foiling the same effect works brilliantly as an extra touch on the back of envelopes. This is an added luxury touch, but looks so glam and is such a fun element to have as part of an invitation suite.

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