Confetti inspired glitter and vellum stationery

I love working with vellum. It’s translucent milky colour, the smooth texture, it adds an incredibly textile layer to invitations and other wedding stationery.

Vellum, which is very similar to tracing paper or glassine paper- is not quite transparent, which means you can use it both foiled and printed, and even better worked beautifully with ink which makes it perfect for calligraphy. It’s become really popular which I love. But it does mean that I wanted to try and use it in a different more unusual way.

A while back I had the idea of using vellum as a little package or window, filling the package with something tactile, or even better something shiny. And these little glitter parcels evolved from this.

The biggest problem in creating these was  in the material itself. Trying to fasten something that’s translucent poses a small problem! Using double sided tapes looked too rigid, most glue wouldn’t stick, and those that did, they would sporadically ping open showering the guest with glitter (also quite fun, but not quite what I was going for). 

I eventually remembered a Japanese craft glue that I had stashed away and it worked especially well! while it did still show, the organic lines left added something to the design.

And so place cards were born- with glitter, confetti and gold leaf. 


Experiments with bigger ideas such as menus and invitations however never quite worked! The glue would never hold. I tried sewing the larger ideas, but vellum shows the needle marks and it detracts from the design. 

But the idea of having the glitter parcel as the invitation itself never quite left me- and so the idea of the vellum envelopes being the parcel itself came into play. 

The beauty of the envelope is that it can contain any size of glitter – the place cards are a little more limited. 

Also combining it with the design of the invitation itself- so glitter for a confetti or celestial feel, or more brightly coloured for confetti or even a festival themed wedding. 

Finished off with a bold address – this would work brilliantly in white ink or even neon ink too.