About Me

Hello – I’m Zoe – and I run The Golden Letter. A one band lady, I design, print, write, pack, post, assemble, email, invoice… you get the drift!

Want to know more about me?
Well – I’m especially fond of Tommy’s margaritas, Mexican food, macaroni cheese, watching never ending Netflix and have an insanely broad taste in music- from heavy metal to R&B, country through to old school garage. I’m 5’3, but my loudness (and bluntness) make up for my lack of height. I work from my home studio and am a solo mama to a very handsome little dude. My unused stationery addiction is nearing hoarder territory. I tend to talk too much which makes for awkward phone calls (sorry in advance!), am far too fond of leopard print, the colour black – and of course anything gold!

The “Golden Letter”

where did that come from? (and surely the ampersand is a symbol, not a letter!?)

So, why a gold ampersand? Boring story ahead- but, this ampersand was actually the root of my company name. When I first set the wheels in motion, finding a name that I didn’t hate was a huge struggle. After weeks of brainstorming and staring into space for what felt like hours I realised it was literally staring me in the face. On my mantelpiece was a huge golden ampersand which I’d made as a test run for multiple gold letters for my own wedding. THE GOLDEN LETTER- it was right there in front of me.

When rebranding, I wanted to include this little gold symbol – the actual golden letter- but decided as it was technically a symbol it was probably a bit tenuous for the purpose. But the more I thought on it, the more I realised that the ampersand is perfect.

What could be more symbolic of marriage than a symbol that literally joins things together? So there we go. My golden ‘letter’. The Ampersand.